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I was having a problem with my messy kitty getting litter and waste everywhere but the sides on this litter box sit high and the front entrance makes it easy for him to get in and out of.Omega Paw self-cleaning is a sturdy litter box that accommodates the weight of large cats with ease.Petsfit Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand.

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However, these types of boxes do not completely solve the problem because your cat may still kick litter out of the front entrance to the box.My parents ended up buying a plastic storage container like a Rubbermaid one.The high sides gives cats with messier bathroom habits plenty of space and prevents litter from scattering.

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Her adult cats started as kittens just jumping up on the corner of the box and perching there with their tails over the litter box - can you believe it.

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Recently the Itchmo main site had a review of high-sided litter boxes, both commercial ones and make-your-own.

High Sided Litter Box contains antimicrobial product protection with high sides to prevent litter scatter and non-stick surface for easy cleaning.Covered litter boxes can reduce litter tracking because they have walls on three sides, so your cat will not be able to kick as much litter out of the box.

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Comparaboo analyzes all High Sided Litter Boxes of 2019, based on analyzed 3,585 consumer reviews by Comparaboo.Save money on frisco high sided cat litter box, gray, extra large 24-in.NVR Miss told me that a litter box is given a different kind of finish (surface tooling) than a storage box is given, therefore it will last longer without a stench in the plastic.

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Messy kitties or homes with multiple felines may find hooded trays to be better at keep the odour and litter area cleaner since these feature a flexible door in the front.

Another way to prevent tracking is to purchase a litter box that is open but has high sides.It has a lowered entry way that works well for being cat friendly too.

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The problem being addressed was cats who spray while standing in the box.My litter box has 11-inch-high sides, on three sides and the back.

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I had a cat that would urinate over the sides of his litter box.One with raised sides can minimise the amount of litter that is thrown on the floor when the cat uses the box.

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High-sided boxes are great as she kicks AND stands AND really flings litter when she covers.While he may pee up and hit the hooded lid part, when it runs down the side, because of the lip that covers over from the hood to the pan it runs directly down the inside instead of going out.Find out the most recent pictures of High Sided Litter Box here, and also you can get the pictures through our best Home Interior collection.

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